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Access Money helps accountants and bookkeepers get access to financing and loans for their businesses and commercial clients.

  • Could your clients be looking for financing for the acquisition of a business or competitor or supplier?
  • Could they be searching for financing for innovation and new equipment?

We provide your clients with a Tax Loan To Pay Off The CRA

Using a business loan to cover the cost of taxes is a feasible option for many businesses. The CRA is one of the most notorious creditors out there, it’s best not to get on their bad side by paying your taxes on time and in full.

Tax Loan Financing Through Access Money:

Affordable Payments.

With a business loan, your clients will be able pay off the CRA right away and then make affordable payments to the lender each month.


Flexible Loan Terms.

Business loans tend to have terms anywhere between one and several years, depending on the lender.


Variable Loan Amounts.

As with the loan terms, the loan amounts are very flexible. Your clients should be able to get the amount they need to cover their tax bill and your accounting fees.


Fast Approvals.

Access Money prides itself in timely loan approvals based on approved credit.

Growth and Transition Capital

The growth and transition capital team at Access Money offers mezzanine, cash flow, and quasi-equity financing solutions to established and high-revenue companies at flexible terms. With these solutions, your clients are in a position to raise capital even when they have insufficient tangible assets to offer as collateral or don’t want to dilute their ownership.

The financing under these solutions ranges from $250,000 to $35 million which has the following benefits:

Financing that helps keep critical cash flow in the business


Security is subordinated to secured lenders


Limits dilution of ownership, and;


Personal assets aren’t used as collateral

Access Money will help your clients in the following ways:

Protecting your client's cash flow


Equipment purchase and cost savings


Support for business expansion and modernization of facilities


Flexible repayment terms to help boost productivity

Lastly, your clients will benefit immensely from the expertise of the special management consultants at Access Money in planning and managing business growth, and in maximizing efficiency.