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Spas and Beauty Salons

There are numerous salons and spas in Ottawa servicing residents over the last decades. Ottawa due to its diversity is a favored location for setting up spas and beauty salons. The majority of salons and spa owners will apply for loans to support operations and growth. 


Access Money will help you approach a whole list of spa and salon providers here in Canada. The loans can be utilized to upgrade equipment, hire more staff, and to pay up other expenses in time.

How it Works

Access Money has one of the fastest application processes which has been made possible through hosting of all application services online. Businesses can, therefore, make their applications from anywhere and at any time. You can also speak to any of our loan specialists and get help through the loan application process.

We recommend that people who have been in the spa and salon business for not less than 6 months and have been consistently making more than $5000 per month in revenue. You can pre-apply with us and we will help you get approved quickly.