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Food and Grocery Markets

You are guaranteed to come across a food and grocery store in Ottawa. The food industry is faced with a wave of change as more people become conscious of the foods that they are eating. The result has been rising costs for food and grocery stores seeking to meet this market need.


People becoming more conscious of foods that they eat presents a unique opportunity for food and grocery owners. To take advantage of these opportunities, the owners can make use of food and grocery business loans.

How it works

The food and grocery loans can be used to pay for expenses and expansion. Smarter Loans are a great option since they are approved and processed quickly. Access Money helps food and grocery store to get financing without tons of paperwork and unnecessary delays.

Access Money has compiled information to help compile terms, rates and offers that help businesses find the best lender that meets their unique financing needs. By pre-applying, businesses are matched to the most suitable lenders.