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Coffee Shops and Bakeries

Coffee Shop Business Loan Uses

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Equipment Purchase or Upgrading

Equipment loans are used to finance the purchase of new and better coffee shop equipment. The loan can be used for repair and replacement of equipment.


Inventory is critical to the running of a coffee shop or bakery. A line of credit or inventory loan will ensure the coffee shop has the required inventory


Renovation costs in a coffee shop will run into huge amounts of money. Renovations are necessary to add decorative improvements and to create the required ambiance for the coffee shop.

Marketing and Promotions

Marketing and promotion expenses are a critical component to the success of a coffee shop and may require taking out a loan. When these expenses are backed by a strong plan, they will bring a high return on investment.

Expanding Premises or Opening a New Location

If a business is successful, there is a need to expand and sustain its growth. Expansion of a coffee shop or setting up a new location can be an expensive undertaking that may require financing through a coffee shop loan.