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Clothing Store Loans FAQs

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Clothing Store Loans FAQ

How long does it take to process a clothing store loan?

The chosen lender will determine how long you will wait to get a loan. Approval for loans will take anything from a day to several months with banks taking approximately 2 weeks or longer to advance funds while online lenders will usually advance funds in a matter of days.

Can a clothing or fashion store with bad credit get a business loan?

Yes, it is possible but your choices are limited. Bad credit lenders will provide financing in smaller amounts and at exorbitant rates. The lenders will not turn down an applicant but assess what amount to advance and at what terms.

How big a business loan can a coffee shop get?

The clothing store business loan amount you can get will be determined by your financial information and the selected lender. Profitable clothing stores and those with a high credit score are likely to get larger loans.