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Business Loans for Restaurants and Bars

There are numerous bars and restaurants in Canada, a reflection of the diversity of cultures in the country. You will find a bar or restaurant in any province or city that you visit and none is similar to the other in terms of the experiences they offer.


People are eager to start a bar or restaurant business but can be put off by the expenses involved in setting up the business. Access Money has a solution in the form of loans and financing for bar and restaurant businesses. We have an online application that makes it easy to apply for loans.
We have made the application and approval process for bar and restaurant loans in Ontario very easy. Irrespective of your credit score, you stand a chance to getting approval for your loan by getting matched to a lender who can accommodate your unique needs.

How to Access a Business Loans for Restaurants and Bars

Bar and restaurant loans and financing is usually available for bars or restaurants that have at least $5000 in monthly revenues and have been in business for at least six months. The loan can be utilized for upgrading the bar or diner, upgrading equipment, for renovations, for payroll, marketing, and any other business uses in the bar or restaurant.

Access Money will assist in determining the best provider and loan for you by compares rates, offers, and terms. You will fill out a form by answering a set of qualifying questions to get processed for bar and restaurant loans. The pre-application process ensures that Access Money gets suitable lenders for you and negotiates good rates for the loan.