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Ottawa represents where the economy is constantly evolving in Canada. There are solutions for businesses in all different industries when it comes to business loans.


Renovations are one area that businesses need to do to stay fresh in a constantly changing economy. Access Money works closely with several business loan providers who specialize in financing renovations.
You can leverage the resources brought together by Access Money who have wide-ranging experience helping numerous businesses get necessary financing for renovations. Whenever you are ready, you can gain access to reputable business loan providers in Canada for renovation financing. You can pre-apply with us and our staff will help through pre-approval for business renovation financing.

How Do Business Renovation Loan Work?

Business renovation financing is essentially a business loan since they are taken out to carry out business renovations and improve business performance.

Finding a commercial renovation loan entails finding and comparing lenders in that segment. The options available will be greater if you have a good credit score and your business is profitable and stand to get favorable rates from lenders. 

To get approval for the loan, you must fill out and send a loan application to a selected lender. The lender will scrutinize the information provided and have a look at your financial history and credit score before approving. The offer given will have rates that are based on these variables. You can accept to reject an offer depending on your evaluation of the provided terms. 

After accepting an offer, the lender will transfer funds to your account and the terms of the loan will apply.